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Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

If you’re new to digital marketing, it may feel overwhelming.

We get that… That is why Complete Attention Marketing puts your business in continuous touch with high quality customers, at any moment, on any medium. You get feedback, answer questions, sell products and win referrals. We make digital marketing the centre of your marketing strategy.

Our marketing strategy will help you to focus your efforts on targeted audiences that have the highest propensity to engage with your business and turn prospects into customers at a higher rate.

Having a strong digital presence will help you in multiple ways:

  • It will make it easier to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale.
  • You can convert new buyers into fans who buy more (and more often).

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of word-of-mouth and social sharing from existing customer that become ambassadors of your services and products.


  • Complete Digital Marketing Consultation

  • Targeting Audiences That Are Most Likely To Buy Your Products

  • Setting Up Facebook Campaigns & Re-Targeting Customers That Have Already Visits Your Web Page But Did Not Convert Into a Sale

  • Setup Google Adword PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns & Re-targeting

  • Setup Landing PAge Design For High Quality Leads Capturing and Distribution to Your Response and Follow-up Process

  • Setup a Telephonic Tracking System to Ensure That Customers That Want to Contact You Via Telephone as Result of Your Advert Campaign is Also Tracked and Monitored for Sales Convertion

  • We Provide Weekly Feedback And Monthly Report on Results

  • We Continually Monitor Results And Tweak For Best Results

Some of the most powerful digital media channels we use

Facebook provides an unrivaled opportunity for businesses to target their ideal customers. You chose the customers you want to reach, and we deliver your ads to them. We constantly refine our approach to deliver a constant stream of quality leads.

Google AdWords allows your business to appear online at the exact moment customers are searching for your services. You only pay when they click to visit your website or call. This is one of the best performing lead generation tools – if managed correctly.

We help you turn your LinkedIn page into a sales page through clever wording and copy. A highly targeted approach and a mere 20 min a day ensures a steady stream of qualified leads.

We build dedicated landing pages in Clickfunnels for the industry-best integration. With this we lead your ideal customer step-by-step down a strategic sales funnel to become a paying client.

Conversations can happen anywhere. The Twilio Voice API lets you manage and route calls to a browser, an app, your phone, or anywhere else you can take a call.  Customers That Want to Contact You Via Telephone as Result of Your Advert Campaign is Also Tracked and Monitored for Sales Conversion

We use the Mailchimp platform to manage your leads in an automated and strategically timed email – seamlessly integrating all your digital platforms.

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